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Baking ~ Baking ~ Were selling breads and baking ~

I still have to learn a lot but I'm just thankful for every blessings ~

Oh well, I've been singing made up lyrics mostly of the time now whenever I'm doing something. I noticed that it helps boost up my mood. I shoukd try it when drawing.

Anyway this is just a random update.

Ausagi is baking now ~

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"For my pen to return..." I lost the pen of my tablet after cleaning some new year mess. It was only then that I realize that my pen has been missing ever since my last post here... >.< I know I told myself not to depend on it too much, but I realize how much it matters, (and how pentooling can make me more lazier xD) I'm still hoping that it would find its way back to me again. I feel terrible because that pen was a gift for me. ( which i dont usually get now a days xD )

But anyway, I found a new hobbie that I can waste my free time with and its by making sims videos... Yep, by playing The Sims 3! Who would have thought that it can be a good tool for expressing some stories and as well as practice some movie editing skills. It's fun and productive atleast. Better than playing some online games I guess.... It will have to do for now. ^.^'

I'm not sure if I can post it here so I'll just dump my youtube links in this post.

Part 1…

Part 2…

Now since I'm here I might as well do something about this 5,735 messages... -.-' Really, it's been a while since I checked this page.
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I logged in just to search for random pics of bishies... With long silver hairs. I am a girl anyway. O.o'

And I've been drawing a lot on scrap papers lately because there had been a pile of rejected print outs. I think it became a habbit trying not to waste them.

There I made an update :D
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- Still waiting -
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I was suppose to upload something last week but unfortunately the psd got corrupted. I was doing it for a long time so a kind of lost my mood again. I had to go back from scratch. Anyway vacation is fine. I’m about to graduate next month. Horay! Finally… xD Although I’m still not sure of what to do after...

There had been good job offers lately from some friends which will be a good start for me. But something still makes me feel uncertain. I cant explain now. But I hope it will turn out ok.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And for my real purpose here is actually promoting a video made by one of the popular rock bands here in our country named “Urbandub”.

Song title: “A Call to Arms”

Please do check if you would like to support. Comments would be much appreciated. Our staff worked hard with filming this video xD…
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I've gain another year. It was my birthday yesterday. And I feel so old... >_>'
Since it’s a temporary vacation, I went out of this house to hunt some dvds. I bought Tony Jaa’s movie series and some other martial arts films and it’s what I’ve been watching lately. I love to watch martial arts films because I happen to know one and I think I can relate…And I also got influenced by the stuntman friends I met due to the previous movie project.., which is annoyingly still in process.

For years I have stopped watching those because it gets into my head. I know I can’t practice coz of the busy scheds and uncontrollable duties.(I have a poor time management:yawnstretch:) But its vacation, so horay for movies! :dummy: I’m even having dreams about it these past few days. (the highkicking and the punchings… xD) Then I suddenly felt like I want to go back to training which I do during my younger days…
:cries:  I didn’t take it seriously back then because I was too scared to get involved with violence. Or was I more girly when I was young… >.>

I watched this movie entitled “Chocolate”, where the protagonist plays a role of an Autistic and learns martial arts from watching Tony Jaa’s movies. The amazing part is that the protagonist is a girl, and it really inspired me. And as I fail to evade being addicted, it now even gets into my sketch works. I’ve been doodleling some of her fight scenes…O.o Which is good because now I finally get to practice drawing body proportions… doing some martial arts xD

Hey… Martial arts is one artistic kind of ART for me. Not too much for violence, but also for good cinematography. :ninjabattle:

To be specific, I liked Muay Thai and Kyokushin Karate. I tried watching other films too, because I am in need of reference for some stunts... uh…, anyway those Thai films really caught my eye. But that’s just me I suppose, I still have a few more days to explore other films.

And speaking of drawings I’m also having some trouble making the recent request. I only happen to make one. When I start to draw a request I realize later on that they are doing a kicking pose…. Noooo….

And that is what my brain is saying right now… Just some random update. xDD

This Holiday seems to be ok. Hope we all have a blessed new year to come!
I feel happy. I just felt like expressing my feelings. I can't remember the last time I did. But I notice that I usually deliver it through a drawing.

Soon it will be Christmas again and I think I shall be attending more parties this year. Unlike my past Christmas breaks when I usually just stay home and draw. I think I have made a lot of friends this year and I may have improved this social ability which I lack. Or I dont know really... xD

God has been too kind to keep on sending me those relief situations... Blessings which may not look like blessings to a normal earthly eye.

Maybe I just realized it right now.

I needed an update... xD

Merry Christmas in advance and God bless ^_^
Hello... I'm trying out the new skins. Theres a lot to tell but as usual we are busy.

I'm still trying to finish our project right now here at my friends house. Our classes have resumed today but I had to skip to finish this.. grr... movie.... Its a new sem and our final and all of us had an INCOMPLETE grade in this previous subject. So here...

Were still shooting.. and.. uhg..

God bless us all! xD
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We're safe. Everything is fine here and the storm didnt really make any damage in this place, but except for some places in the provinces :( . My prayers shall be for all those who have lost and may our Lord give them courage and hope for them to rebuild everything back. I believe everything will be back to normal in time.

Lots of people are helping each other and its so nice to see. It's actually the first time i've witness sometime like this.

I would like to thank everyone for the prayers. I really see Gods goodness and grace through everything that happened. Yeah, all glory belongs to Him! I'm so happy.. And... and the sun is shining! :dummy:

As for my art life, i've been spending a lot of time with my mouse lately. I dumped some artworks that i didnt intend for anyone to see, but only now i just recently discovered that some people can still see updates from scrapbooks... XD

My tablet died many months ago,.. so all the recent works that you may see are made by this handy dandy mouse of mine. (It's really usefull to keep practicing with it and i'm glad i won’t have to depend on tablet too much.) But still I need a tablet... xD

Anyway some friend is willing to buy me a new one next week…  such a nice person :la:

but there’s still a lot of school projects to finish.

And that’s that... I need to get back to my thinking. God bless all of us! :w00t:
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There's a super typhoon to come later tonight. they said its the strongest to ever come here.. as far as i know. This is to hit our country later... its already dark.

please pray for us and hope we get through all this safely...

I'm a bit scared but all i can do is prepare for the worse.

Our movie is still on progress. We spent a lot of time thinking of a good story but I think we've finally came up with something simple.

Anyway I'm here to promote a video that my friend made for a cosplay movie contest. He chose SHENMUE.

Please do check this link ->…
Please do leave a comment if you have a youtube account. It is very much appreciated) xD

Well, he actually told me that he just did that for exposure and not the price. This guy is in the field of action stunts, or basically he is more of an martial art choreographer. But soon to be a indi-film director I guess since he's studying it right now.

I'll be working with him and his group on our up-comming movie. So I guess people can expect action with what i'm working on. I can't wait to apply the special effects and the good camera angles. I personality think it lacks those features... hehe.

Oh well.. I'm excited. Back to my story boarding xD

God bless our projects!
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It’s our exam week again and there are big projects coming up ahead of us. Were gonna make a movie!:innocent: And I feel so excited about it for I get to experience such a thing. I may not be into movie that much, but I have this interest in making random scenes in my head (probably pretending to be a director on a imaginary set) but who knows, it’s a good opportunity to discover things. All I’m looking forward to is to make a movie out of our shared interest and have really good time. I don’t know, but I feel somehow blessed with the things that have been provided to me.

There’s already a great place to shoot which is located in our province, its really not that far but we’ll have to ride a motor boat to get there. But I can say it’s really worth it. The place is beautiful! Great sunset, a real forest, the lake… It’s were my grandpa lives and I’ve been dreaming of using that place for a fantasy adventure ground since childhood :eager: I never though there would come a time that I’ll be able to make use them.

And the members... well I’m not really sure if I have good actors but we’ll just have to make a story which has characters that will fit their personalities. (I do hope we’ll think of something soon) But greatly provided again, I happen to have a director friend who is willing to help us in the equipments and some possible choreography’s.

Kechaan might think that this could be cheating (He’s with my group) but I’ll consider it a blessing.:giggle: No its not really cheating… it’s a fair game for we have a really tough competition. 3 groups had been divided in our class and the first group that was formed took a really wise initiative with the good members. All I did was adopted the left over classmates (Anyway members are still to be fixed) But I’m just glad some people chose to join us.

To Kechaan: “Don’t you dare to even try to join the other group! …You traitor!!!” :katana: xDD


So, just to declare that my mind is occupied for this mean time, I guess I won’t be making any artworks for a while. Except for the story boards I guess…

Oh, but theres no story yet. Were still thinking of what kind to use. It should probably be something that majority of the crowd will find interesting. But I’m sure well think of something.

May God bless our up coming projects! :w00t!: :w00t!: :w00t!:
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Haha! We have a new Character in this "Doodle Wars" of ours.

:iconausagi: :iconkechaan: :iconmikeymanson:

Episode Guide:
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Ausagi's "Doodle War" Gallery Link :…
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Every time I try to make a time management plan I always end up doing something else... which is weird. Adding to that is our crazy class schedules that are completely inappropriate. Whenever classes are over I go exactly straight home to look after our shop, and besides that, tons of house duties are always waiting. (I'm quite lazy with those anyway xDD) It really devours a lot of time for drawings and learning animation.

And what is this “DOODLE WARS” again? It’s really just for fun. There are no story boards, or scripts. Its basically anything goes with my foe… I remember we had a few recruited members back then but I think I shall make it into a concept contest (hopefully) in the near future. I was planning to hold my first ever contest anyway, but that would probably be done when I can finally control my time as it should be.

Only Random is my option. I must wait for more given opportunities…

But beneath all this I'm perfectly fine. I may not like some situations in my life but I always find joy when I tend to look deeper of those things. And yep.. Time Management Is Seriously Needed!

Doodle Wars Updated

By :iconausagi: and :iconkechaan:

Episode Guide:
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Ausagi's "Doodle War" Gallery Link :…
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I remember a friend here at devart doing this to me, when I was still new. Now I would like to do the same for these guys.
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I just remembered something out of the blue. I was looking at the Nyu's Art meme (… )that I took and I drew a sailormoon portrait there to show what inspired me to draw. But as I look further more to my past I remembered it was something else. It was Disney that originally inspired me. I remember drawing princess's when I was on my pre school days. Tho I remember it wasn't very good.
Then after a few years we moved to a new house. I drew a face of Sailormoon and a neighbor saw it. I remember her running to her mom as quickly as possible, to tell her mom that I did an amazing drawing.

Ever since then my interest for drawing has grew. I had a friend who was better than me but I never really thought of my self to be no good.

Which is kind of the same feeling I have now.

There are a lot of better artist than me, on a same age or younger… But I am still so thankful for this very lovely gift that God gave me.

Just a random thought…. xDDD
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Yes! Hello! It’s been ages.., like a lot of people are telling me. >.>’

Thanks for the prayers. My finger is back to normal... like a miracle! I thought I would have to cut it off or something for it really looked awful the day I had that accident. Prayer really works no matter what.. O_O

I’m also done with my little work at the office, so that means I think I can draw at my desktop again :pc: But NO requests please… there’s a lot of catching up to do for Ausagi. I really felt helpless during my work because I couldn’t use a computer much or even have time for doodles. My classmates have evolved and I’m feeling a little left behind. I would appreciate it if someone would guide me to learn what I can about animation. :hungry:

And I actually wanna share my thought that I loved this movie called LEFT BEHIND! Please go watch it…! :dygel:

Ah and yes, I said prayers work right? It was hard for me to realize it back then… (during my dark ages xD) It took me maybe a year to prove myself that it really works when your heart is sincere and true about it, now I find joy in praying for others and looking forward for Gods will. It’s a very nice thing… to have someone pray for you… sniff sniff…xD so thank you again! (not just about my finger, but for every problem)

Thanks to our Lord who's in charge of everything….. :#1:

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I broke my pinky finger… I think. Here I am trying to test if I can still function in front of the pc. I’m starting on my new work tomorrow. (an actual one) Today was actually my first day but I kind of slipped off the office because I thought I was supposed to go home but I found out the my boss had called for me to report. V_V Anyway I really must do my best tomorrow, I’m really inspired to do my best starting today.. Or let me say after this Holy week.

The week truly became a blessing and I really want to share my story but its too long. Lemme just say that last week was a BLESSED one.. UNEXPECTEDLY! I’l try to share the story sometime.

And yeah I broke my finger.. I think xD I still haven’t went to a doctor to check up on it because of too many.. uh.. unexplainable again. Perhaps a family conflict… Anyway I can still type normal right now. I thank the Lord that He didn’t let an important finger be injured. (SPECIALLY MY DRAWING HAND) I can also remember a lot of important lesson that became such blessing with this injury of mine. “though it sounds weird” ~_~ But please… For those who care, please pray that my finger will heal soon.. T_T I cant fix my hair and do other things yet coz of the pain.

Anyway, I am only here for a limited time.. (No time for reading updates really.. xD) I’m away from my home and I’m going to work first thing in the morning…

I miss you all!!! And GOD BLESS US ALL!
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Sorry… I have returned. None much to say… ehehe.. I think no one really missed me xD Anyway, I’ve been squandering on some emotional stuff lately. But I thank the Lord for He keeps on showing His mercy…

I need to practice my drawings in flash.... I have a goal to reach someone I admire here in devart. And that will be Mr. John Su! xDDD Ahem…! I just got soo inspired by his works that’s all. I don’t really know him, and vice versa xD

Uh.. I’m sorry for those who were waiting, I couldn’t do much even for a collab.. uhh what else… um… I think I need sleep….

May God bless us all….! ^__^
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